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From Glow moms who loves the Glow Registry

We hope everyone continue to share registries/wishlists and continue to gift-it-forward!

Hello everyone!

My name is Jennifer. I am from upstate New York and lam a stay at home mom. I babysit on the side and I am a full time college student going for my degree to be an ultrasound technician.

My son was born in 2008. I had always dreamt of making him a big brother but due to unexplained infertility it was difficult. I met the man of my dreams in 2015. We tried and tried with no prevail. We both had walking pneumonia in 2018 and we’re on steroids which I believe caused me to ovulate and conceive.

In 2019 we had a beautiful baby girl named Julia.

She is now 3 and thriving. We became pregnant in 2020 with the help from clomid and delivered our angel baby girl Violette at 37 weeks. I had placental problems which we were unaware of.

Again we tried again and became pregnant June 2022 with 3 failed rounds of letrozole and 1 failed round of clomid and finally on the second round of clomid it happened. We were due in Feb

2023. Unfortunately our rainbow pregnancy failed to develop and I have just gone through a miscarriage but we are set to try again on my next cycle with a round of clomid and praying sooo hard!

I want to be involved with the glow community gifting because I know how important it is for one another to be there as support. This community is always there to answer any questions which I may have or other women may have on any type of woman subject! It’s just such a tight nit community of strong women who are there for each other through ups and downs.

I love gifting others if I can! It makes me feel like I just blessed a mama with something she truly needed or wanted for her coming new little blessing. When I receive a gift in return it shows me that there are true givers out there with hearts like mine of gold.

Hi Glow ladies,

My name is Miriam! I am a first time mom to a beautiful sunflower name, Victoria, we call her Vivi. I’m also working from home for a BNPL company called Sezzle. The company has been super wonderful to me. And they celebrated the birth of my daughter as if they were all there with me.

It’s been such a wonderful experience to have a community like this for my job. And when I joined Glow I immediately saw that same community as well. I was so excited to see so many people reaching out and being a support system to complete strangers. And when I saw the “Gift it Forward” movement I was even more awestruck how this positivity could impact someone that is struggling. I wanted to join in immediately, helping others has always been instilled in since I was very young. So seeing this was a joy for me and I hope I can teach my daughter the same. I usually gift the essentials first (diapers, diaper rash cream, safety kits for the little ones) and sometimes I splurge just a little more when I can.

Honestly, knowing someone out there is getting something they have been needing for their little one is all that it takes for me to see what I can be able to do to help.

love Glow and the way they are bringing a community of moms and dads together. 😀

Hello everyone!

My name is Sandra, I’m located in good ol Nebraska! I’m currently disabled. So these days I put most of my time and energy into the Glow Community and being an Advocate, trying to be that voice for those dealing with Infertility as well as mental and physical disabilities.

My Husband & I have been TTC our rainbow baby for 13 years! Unfortunately we battle with severe male-factor infertility and female infertility, so we’ve been going through fertility treatments for many many years. Even with all the struggles and hardships we’ve had to endure, we’re not giving up our dream of becoming parents!

I wanted to start gifting to others because I know how difficult this journey can be, and I know having someone in your corner can mean the world. I’ve been shown so much love and support throughout the years, through our ups and downs, Glow and the community have always been there! I’ve enjoyed sharing my journey and experiences, helping women, educating, providing advice, giving support, being there to talk to, to vent and so much more!

Through the Glow Gift Exchange with the Baby Registry & Wishlists feature, I know I can make a real difference for those who are also struggling, or those who could just use a helping hand. I want to give back that love and true kindness I was so generously given!

It’s an absolute overwhelming feeling of pure happiness and fulfillment when I’m able to gift someone in the community. Knowing that this gift is one less thing they no longer have to worry about gives me tremendous joy! My favorite things to gift are items for babies! It’s a wonderful feeling knowing parents can provide the necessities for their child, and that they don’t have to go without. My hopes are that others will see just how much you can change someone’s life by simply giving and gifting.

The journey may be long, it may get rough, and even difficult to handle at times. You may want to throw in the towel, and just give up. It’s not always an easy road to follow, there will be a lot of tough decisions along the way. But if you have hope, try your best, and believe… miracles might just happen!