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Glow is partnering with Tempdrop, and captures your basal body temperature while you sleep.

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Tempdrop’s wearable sensor and accompanying charting app bring the full fertility charting solution to your smartphone.

AI learning algorithm

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Continuous monitoring throughout the night

Tempdrop Features

Know your body:
Fertility & ovulation tracking

After ovulation, your body temperature rises and remains in a higher range until your next cycle starts. Tracking your sleeping temperature allows you to identify ovulation at home.

Tempdrop sensor & app: A lifelong companion

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Tempdrop sensor & app: A lifelong companion


No worries, we get your questions answered.

How do I get the Tempdrop offer?

You can get the exclusive Tempdrop offer via Glow’s website or by signing up through the Glow app.

I have irregular cycles, can I use Tempdrop?

Tempdrop is made up of two different tools to aid in tracking cycles. The sensor to record a nightly sleeping temp result (BBT) and an accompanying app that is used to sync the results from the sensor. The app contains an optional charting feature that has both fertility predictions and interpretation built-in*. 

“The Tempdrop sensor can be used by all; temperature accuracy
is not dependent on regular ovulation. Use the charting app
in Irregular cycles mode

Can I start temping whilst i am using other birth control methods?

Yes. You can start using Tempdrop straight away, even if you are using another form of birth control, such as hormonal birth control. 

Tempdrop is not dependant on your cycle status. However, the sooner you start wearing Tempdrop, the sooner it can get through the ‘learning phase’ (Tempdrop learns your sleep and environmental patterns). This will enable you to catch your first ovulation post hormonal birth control (HBC) or postpartum (PP), whatever your personal circumstances are.

Does it matter what time I wake up or how long I sleep?

We are happy to inform you that your days of alarm-clock wake-ups to take your temperature are over. With Tempdrop, your temperature is monitored continuously throughout the night. This means that whenever you wake up, your sleeping temperature will be waiting to sync to your app. 

The same applies if you experience disturbed sleep or a shift worker. You will still be able to retrieve a result to chart your cycles. Here are the headlines…

  • Tempdrop must be turned on and worn for a minimum of three hours
  • Two hours of sleep must be detected for a valid result. Sleep time does not have to be consecutive 

As best practice, turn on and wear you Tempdrop just before going to sleep and remove it as soon as you are up for the day. If your sleep is disturbed for a period of time during the night, leave the sensor on. 

How is Tempdrop different from other basal thermometers?

As opposed to taking a manual waking temp, Tempdrop offers continuous monitoring, filtering out waking times to give you a true nightly sleeping temperature. Our smart algorithm learns your unique nightly and monthly patterns to filter variables that can otherwise skew temp results. Worn high up in the inside of the upper arm, the sensor captures an axillary reading making it more accurate than surface skin temperature. 

The accompanying charting app encourages tracking multiple fertility signs to better guide you in understanding your cycle and fertile window. If you already have a favorite charting app, you can freely use it with your Tempdrop data. The choice is yours!

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