Owlet Dream Sock: Your Baby’s Sleep Guardian Angel



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As a parent, there’s nothing quite as precious as your child’s sleep. But for many parents, especially those with newborns or babies with health concerns, getting a good night’s sleep can feel like an impossible dream. That’s where Owlet Dream Sock comes in. This innovative little sock tracks your baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels, giving you peace of mind and helping you ensure your baby is sleeping soundly.

In the article Why Monitoring Matters to a Former NICU Mom, Jennifer Oliver Smith, founder of the non-profit Silvie Bells, shares her experience with her daughter in the NICU and how it inspired her to provide support to other families. One of the ways Silvie Bells helps families is by donating Owlet monitors. Smith says that providing these monitors gives parents peace of mind, knowing that they can be alerted if there’s a problem with their baby’s breathing or heart rate.

But the benefits of Owlet Dream Sock go far beyond peace of mind. Studies have shown that it can also help improve baby sleep. In one study, babies who wore Owlet Dream Sock slept an average of 1 hour more per night than babies who didn’t. And that’s just the beginning. Owlet Dream Sock can also help you:

  • Track your baby’s sleep trends over time
  • Identify potential sleep problems
  • Get personalized sleep coaching tips
  • Create a safe sleep environment for your baby

With Owlet Dream Sock, you can finally relax and rest assured knowing that your baby is sleeping soundly. And that’s a gift that both you and your baby will cherish.

Here are some of the specific features of Owlet Dream Sock that make it so beneficial for improving baby sleep:

  • Gentle notifications: Owlet Dream Sock uses gentle notifications to alert you if your baby’s heart rate or oxygen levels fall outside of preset zones. This can help you identify potential sleep problems early on, before they become bigger issues.
  • Sleep coaching tips: The Owlet app provides personalized sleep coaching tips based on your baby’s unique sleep data. This can help you create a sleep routine that works for your baby and family.
  • Safe sleep environment: Owlet Dream Sock can help you create a safe sleep environment for your baby by tracking their sleep position and monitoring for signs of rolling over.

If you’re looking for a way to help your baby sleep better, Owlet Dream Sock is a great option. With its gentle notifications, personalized sleep coaching tips, and focus on creating a safe sleep environment, Owlet Dream Sock can help you and your baby get the rest you both deserve.

Owlet Dream Sock is not just a baby monitor; it’s a sleep guardian angel. It’s the peace of mind you need to know your baby is sleeping soundly and the support you need to create healthy sleep habits that will last a lifetime.

Please note this article is not intended to be medical advice. Please consult with your doctor before using any new product with your baby.