Glow Partners with Natalist to Empower Women on Their Reproductive Journeys



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We are thrilled to announce our new partnership with Natalist, a company that is dedicated to providing women with evidence-based products and support throughout their reproductive journeys.

At Glow, we are passionate about helping women understand and manage their health. We know that every woman’s reproductive journey is unique, and we are committed to providing our users with the information and resources they need to make informed decisions about their health. Natalist shares our commitment to empowering women. Their mission is to provide women with the products and support they need to feel confident and in control of their reproductive health.

The path to parenthood is unique for each woman, and it’s not always easy. As a company founded by moms, we get it. Natalist is built on the values of community and science. Through our new partnership with Glow, we’re able to reach women where they are already finding community and help them feel even more supported with evidence-backed reproductive essentials.

Jenifer Dasho, Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer at Everly Health.

Through this partnership, we will be able to offer Glow users exclusive access to Natalist’s products and resources. This will include:

  • Natalist’s evidence-based prenatal vitamins and supplements
  • Educational resources on a variety of reproductive health topics
  • Support from a team of registered nurses and lactation consultants

As the leading women’s health company, we are thrilled to announce our collaboration with Natalist, the leader in reproductive health essentials. Together, we are committed to enrich the health journey of our users, providing them with unparalleled insights and exceptional service.

Mike Huang, Chief Executive Officer at Glow.

We are confident that this partnership will be a valuable resource for the Glow Community. We are excited to work with Natalist to help women on their reproductive journeys. Visit the Glow Shop today and get Natalist products with exclusive discounts: