Beyond Sheep Counting: Unconventional Sleep Solutions That Actually Work



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We’ve all been there: tossing and turning, counting sheep (or whatever sleep aid you’ve chosen) with little success. While some swear by a calming bedtime routine, others find themselves drawn to more unique “comfort media” to lull them into dreamland.

Contrary to popular belief, not all screen time before bed is detrimental. Dr. Allison Eden, a researcher at Michigan State University, emphasizes that the type of media you consume plays a crucial role.

Here are some unconventional sleep aids that might surprisingly work for you:

  • Prank Calls: Believe it or not, some find the lighthearted humor and predictability of prank call compilations to be strangely soothing.
  • Nature Sounds: The gentle sounds of rain, waves, or a babbling brook can be incredibly relaxing and mask distracting noises.
  • ASMR: Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) triggers, like whispering voices or gentle tapping, can induce a calming tingling sensation for some.

But what if your preferred comfort media isn’t readily available, or you find yourself needing a more comprehensive sleep solution?

This is where Hatch comes in.

Hatch offers a range of innovative sleep products, including sound machines, night lights, and sleep tracking devices, designed to create a personalized sleep sanctuary in your bedroom.

Here’s how Hatch can help you achieve a better night’s sleep:

  • Curated Sleep Sounds: Hatch‘s library offers a wide variety of calming sounds, from nature recordings to white noise, to help you find your perfect sleep soundtrack.
  • Personalized Routines: Create customized routines that combine light, sound, and temperature, tailored to your specific sleep needs.
  • Gentle Wake Up: Start your day feeling refreshed with Hatch‘s sunrise simulation light, which gradually brightens to mimic a natural sunrise.

No matter your sleep struggles, there’s a solution out there. By exploring different comfort media and considering a sleep-focused device like Hatch, you can finally unlock the door to a good night’s sleep and wake up feeling your best.

Ready to take control of your sleep? Visit Hatch today and discover the perfect sleep solution for you.