Break the Cycle: Why You Might Need More Than Just Antifungal Creams for Yeast Infections



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Yeast infections are a common concern, affecting up to 75% of people with vaginas at some point in their lives. While over-the-counter antifungal creams can provide relief, for some, these infections become frustratingly recurrent. If you’re stuck in this cycle, there might be a hidden culprit: biofilms.

Biofilms: A Sticky Situation

Biofilms are communities of microbes that can form a protective layer on surfaces, including vaginal tissue. These sticky havens can shield yeast from traditional treatments, making them difficult to eradicate completely. The fungus Candida albicans, a common culprit in yeast infections, is known to form biofilms.

Why Traditional Treatments Might Not Be Enough

Antifungal creams target the yeast itself, but if the yeast is tucked away within a biofilm, the medication might not reach it effectively. This can lead to a seemingly never-ending battle with yeast infections.

Taking Control with Evvy

Here at Glow, we understand the frustration of recurrent yeast infections. That’s why we’re excited to introduce you to Evvy, a home-based vaginal microbiome test that can revolutionize how you manage your vaginal health.

Evvy: Personalized Insights for Lasting Relief

Evvy‘s at-home test goes beyond simply diagnosing a yeast infection. It provides a detailed analysis of your unique vaginal microbiome, the delicate ecosystem of bacteria and fungi that keeps your vagina healthy. By understanding the composition of your microbiome, Evvy can help identify factors contributing to recurrent yeast infections, including the potential presence of biofilms.

Beyond Antifungals: A Targeted Approach

With Evvy‘s personalized insights, you can work with your healthcare provider to develop a treatment plan that addresses the root cause of your yeast infections. This might involve:

  • Supplements: Certain probiotics can help restore a healthy balance of bacteria in your vagina, making it less hospitable to yeast overgrowth.
  • Boric Acid: This natural compound has been shown to be effective against biofilms and may be recommended to help clear stubborn yeast infections.

Taking Charge of Your Vaginal Health

Glow is committed to empowering you with the knowledge and tools to care for your vaginal health. Evvy‘s test offers a personalized approach that can help break the cycle of recurrent yeast infections and promote long-term vaginal wellness.

Visit Evvy‘s website today to learn more and take charge of your vaginal health!

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and should not be taken as medical advice. Always consult with a healthcare provider for diagnosis and treatment of any vaginal health concerns.