Power Up for Pregnancy: Prenatal Vitamins and Enfamil for a Healthy Mom & Happy Baby



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Pregnancy is a whirlwind of emotions and preparations. From building a nursery to researching baby gear, there’s so much to think about. But one often-overlooked essential is prenatal vitamins. These powerful supplements provide key nutrients for both you and your developing baby, ensuring a healthy pregnancy and a strong foundation for their growth.

Why Prenatals Matter

Think of prenatal vitamins as your pregnancy partner, providing essential vitamins and minerals your body might struggle to get from food alone. Enfamil’s range of prenatal vitamins caters to different needs, ensuring you get the right support throughout your pregnancy journey.

Here’s a look at some key nutrients you and your baby need:

  • Folate: This B vitamin is crucial for your baby’s healthy neural tube development, helping prevent birth defects. Enfamil’s prenatal vitamins are rich in folate, giving your baby the best possible start.
  • DHA: This omega-3 fatty acid is essential for brain and eye development. Enfamil’s prenatal vitamins with DHA provide this vital nutrient, supporting your baby’s cognitive growth right from the beginning.
  • Iron: Iron helps carry oxygen throughout your body, which is especially important during pregnancy when your blood volume increases. Enfamil’s prenatal vitamins with iron ensure you have adequate levels for both you and your baby.

Beyond Prenatals: Setting the Stage for a Healthy Future

While prenatal vitamins are a cornerstone of a healthy pregnancy, your journey doesn’t end there. Enfamil offers a comprehensive range of infant formula solutions, designed to seamlessly continue the nutritional support your baby needs after birth.

  • Enfamil NeuroPro™ and Enfamil® Enspire™: These formulas are fortified with DHA, continuing the brain-building benefits your baby received prenatally. They also closely mimic the levels of DHA found in breast milk, providing optimal nutrition for your little one.
  • Enfamil® Restful Sleep: As your baby grows, restful sleep becomes increasingly important. This specialized formula from Enfamil helps promote peaceful nights for both you and your baby.

Empowering Your Pregnancy Journey

At Glow, we understand that every pregnancy is unique. With Enfamil’s range of prenatal vitamins and infant formulas, you can feel confident you’re providing the best possible nutritional foundation for your baby, from conception through those precious first months.