Take control of your fertility journey

Glow is partnering with smart ring innovator ŌURA, to help you know your body better.

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The revolutionary smart ring

Oura Ring uses research-grade sensors to accurately track your sleep, activity, heart rate, and more — right from your finger.

Comfortable for 24/7 wear

Up to 7 days battery life

Industry-leading sleep tracking

HSA/FSA Eligible

Exclusive Oura Ring discount for Glow Members*

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Track sleep, stress, activity and recovery

Glow + Oura Features

Discover the power of
personalized insights

The Oura Membership ($5.99/month) helps put your data into perspective with daily advice and recommendations that get more personalized over time.

Oura Sleep in Glow

When you integrate Oura with Glow, you can track your sleep patterns across cycles directly in Glow.

Oura Stress in Glow

Your stress data syncs seamlessly into Glow – so you can bounce back faster.

How It Works

Getting Started

Step 1

Get the Oura Ring + Glow Premium

Step 2

Connect Oura with the Glow app

Step 3

Measure seamlessly while you sleep

Take control of your fertility today


No worries, we get your questions answered.

How do I get the exclusive offer for Oura Ring?

Glow members can get the exclusive Oura Ring + Glow Premium via Glow’s website or by signing up through the Glow app.

What is Glow Premium?

Glow Premium is a subscription-based package that includes all of the premium features listed below:

  • Premium Access across 4 apps: Enjoy full access to premium features across all 4 of our apps with one subscription.
  • GlowGPT: AI assistant trained to answer women’s and baby health-related questions. Available 24/7.
  • Advanced Charts and Analysis: Glow offers 20+ charts and analysis features to help users understand their body patterns and health trends throughout their reproductive journey. These features cover period tracking, trying to conceive, pregnancy, and newborn care.
  • Comparative Insights: Gain a deeper understanding of your own health or your baby’s health development by comparing with millions of Glow women and Glow babies. 
  • Premium Articles: Get exclusive access to 2500+ articles from top-rated sources. 
  • Premium Support: Our customer support team will prioritize and track your concerns to a fast resolution.

And more are coming soon!

Which apps offer Glow Premium?

Your Glow Premium subscription will grant you access to Premium features from all Glow apps–from period to parenting!

What if I already use Glow Premium?

If you’re already a Glow Premium member and to purchase an Oura Ring, you’re eligible for an exclusive discount by visiting the “Shop” tab within the Glow app!

Will my Glow Premium start before I receive the ring?

Your Glow Premium subscription is active right away. This gives you time to get to get to know the Glow app and complete your onboarding.

How much does Glow Premium cost?

We offer Glow Premium in three different subscription models.

  • Annual: $59.99 ($4.99/month *12 months). You will be subscribed for the whole year and the $59.99 is billed once per year.
  • Quarterly: $29.99/3 months. You will be charged every 3 months. 
  • Lifetime: $99.99 charged once, will give you access to Glow premium across the Glow apps (Baby, Nurture, Glow, Eve). 

Glow provides promotional offers from time to time, including free trial periods and discounts. These offers will be sent to you via push notifications and emails. Stay tuned so you don’t miss out on our next sale!