Glow Empowers TTC Journey in Partnership with Mira


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Glow, the #1 women’s health company supporting women from period tracking to pregnancy and baby’s first year, today announced a new partnership with Mira, a leader in at-home hormone testing. This collaboration empowers Glow users trying to conceive (TTC) with deeper hormone insights and advanced tracking solutions.

Millions of women already rely on Glow to manage their cycles, optimize their fertility window, and gain valuable knowledge about their reproductive health. This partnership strengthens Glow’s commitment to providing comprehensive support throughout the TTC journey. By integrating information about Mira products and their use in conception, Glow users will gain access to:

  • Education on Hormone Health: Learn how hormones influence fertility and receive guidance on optimizing hormone balance for conception.
  • Advanced Hormone Tracking: Explore the benefits of Mira’s at-home hormone monitor and how it provides deeper insights into your cycle alongside your Glow data.
  • Exclusive Discounts: Glow users will receive special offers on the Mira Hormone Monitor: Max Kit and Fertility Max Wands.

鈥淲e are thrilled to partner with Mira,鈥 says Mike Huang, CEO of Glow. 鈥淏y offering our users access to Mira’s innovative hormone testing solutions, we can further empower them to take control of their fertility journey and make informed decisions.鈥

About Mira

Mira is a San Francisco-based hormone health company providing integrative care and hormonal testing for over 98,000 customers. Mira was founded in late 2015 by a group of scientists, engineers, OB/GYN doctors, and business execs to solve the problem of the unavailability of advanced home health testing. The company鈥檚 mission is to develop data-driven hormonal health solutions to help women make confident health decisions during every stage of their lives 鈥 from the menstrual stage to menopause.

  • America鈥檚 Fastest-growing Fem-tech Company, according to Inc.5000 2023
  • One of the Most Innovative Companies in 2024, according to Fast Company
About Glow

Glow is a data science company that supports women from period tracking to pregnancy and the first year of baby’s health. Millions of women trying to conceive use Glow to track their cycles and understand their fertility. Founded by Max Levchin, Co-Founder of PayPal and CEO of Affirm, Glow aims to empower women with knowledge about their bodies and reproductive health. 

With over 25 million users and 1.7 million babies born, Glow offers four apps to help women manage their reproductive journey. The San Francisco-based company also contributes to scientific research in this field.